Submit You are cruel and ignorant
You are cruel and ignorant
I am truly the daughter of Blackbeard, and I am to be feared as well as respected.

{Independent RP blog for Angelica Teach/Malon. I will RP with anyone, OC friendly. All threads will be AU unless otherwise stated, as this is a multiship blog. Mun is under 18~}

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History Verses
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"Barbossa, marry us!"


Calypso & Jack ♥


Calypso & Jack 

pirates of the caribbean meme: [1/1] favorite movie
pirates of the caribbean: curse of the black pearl

He’s an interesting man.”
"A gross understatement, my dear. Jack is an absolutely fascinating man. You’re unlikely to meet anyone else like him.


Elizabeth Swann’s  Gold Gown from The Very Merry Seamstress

"Will, how many times must I ask you to call me Elizabeth?"

"At least once more, Miss Swann."

"the dutchman sails as its captain commands"

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Sam Claflin Picture of the Day :)

Sam Claflin Picture of the Day :)